Love should be speechless and dependent on each other, lonely but not lonely, knowing that the road is long and the snow is boundless, but still grateful to be able to walk with you I don't know if I grew up and began to follow the principle of "low-key, high-key work". Everything should be quiet. It's like a huge funnel in front of us. When we were young, we met many people, wanted to say a lot and didn't care. Maybe we would talk with this all the time today. Tomorrow, we would forget to talk with another person. Even if they made it up, they could talk with each other with interest. However, as we grow older, we will gradually find that there are fewer and fewer people who can listen to you and talk with you. Sometimes these become a luxury. At this time, we may only have a fixed close friend who can listen to you when you are lonely, or there may not be one. In fact, such bitterness has existed all the time. Even when Lu Xun met Qu Qiubai, he also lamented that "life is enough, and the world should be regarded with the same mind". Perhaps, one day, when we find that our confidants become heterosexual, love will come! …… In fact, it's not easy for a person who is willing to talk to you at any time, He / she means to be ready to stop what he / she is doing to stay with you. Today, when you read this Today, when you read this Close your eyes and think of the person who is always with you. Think about whether you have neglected him / her for a long time; Think about whether you always think he / she has no passion; Think about whether you have taken his / her company for granted in your eyes at any time The one who will always talk with you is because "I love you.". Maybe he / she didn't say these three words, But he / she knows how to love you better.